Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

Well another year is gone and a new one is upon us. Hopefuly just hopefully I'll try to up date my blog more this year,I finally figured out my problem,I can't remember my logon info so that stops alot of blogging right there,also no one reads it so that would also have something to do with it. I just hope that some interesting things will come along and i'll post more regularly!


Knitman said...

Yvonne-I think they are amazing and my amazement about your knititng is that you can do it. I didn't make fun of you nor criticise you in any way. I can't control what commenters say or rather I choose not to unless they are truly offensive (not hate speech for example). I will make a point of this now and forward people to your blog so they can see your wonderful nails.

Lia Nord said...

Hi, Yvonne! I was astounded at your video and your nails--pretty impressive, both! I can't grow nails at all--they're too soft--and I'm too lazy even to put on nail polish (or makeup etc.) but I think it's great that you can do it--and show it off! I also enjoyed the humor test on your blog, though I was disappointed that I'm not a "wit" but a prankster. Hmmm. Knit on! Enjoy your nails!