Friday, January 16, 2009

Illness strikes again

Once again I am sick with some mysterious illness. Two days ago I went to work with some serious abdominal pain I didn't want to stand up straight or do any stooping and driving my bus was pure torture,thank fully I was clear and didn't have any midday work that would have required me to lift or assist any children more than usual since I drive middle school students. I cam home and felt the chills coming and still felt the pain.So I have been off 2 days with this stomach pain and impending cold. The cold I can deal with,I'll go to work and infect as many people as I can,feeling all the the better for it because "Payback is a Mother!" All the germ carriers that have sneezed and coughed uncovered,Here I Come!

On the knitting front I am making shrugs for my nieces. I made one I just have to figure out what size to make the other,in the mean time im working on house socks.
Until any updates.

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knitwych said...

Hope you're feeling better!