Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

  • The Master Procrastinator Is alive and well. I didn't get everything done before new Years that I want but I still have plenty of time today to finish. I want to do more knitting this year and do some traveling. Hopefully this will be the year I find someone for me,but I'm cautious, Whatever happens ,happens. I'll just see how everything goes. I have to renew my school bus certificate this year so classes it will be for me and behind the wheel training,Bummer.
  • I'm cooking today,the good luck and prosperity thing,I'm so superstitious about everything so I have to keep things going with the Black eyed peas(not one of my favorite things) but once a year is OK. I also made mustard green and a pork roast(that's big enough for a few families )but that's what freezers are for. I'm going to make some hot water corn bread(So,So good). I need to iron my uniforms and get ready for work tomorrow. So hopefully Ill get more done before 11:30 tonight when I should be in bed.